Simple Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

June 11, 2017

I am sure that you have known best about this kind of meal. Yes, rice krispie treat. But, I am afraid that just a small number of people who know the way to make perfect rice kripsie treat. Making it is not difficult actually. You just have to prepare a little ingredient to make it. Turns out, you can make it within 15 minutes of even less than that. Check this rice krispy treat recipe below.

Ingredients you need are:

  • Rice Krsipie Cereal
  • Butter
  • Mini Marshmallows

Are you ready to make it? Then, follow these directions:

  1. Prepare your saucepan, especially a medium one and melt 6 tablespoons of butter in a medium heat also. A little huge amount of butter can makes a difference in the taste.
  2. Next, it is time to cook your small marshmallows. Add 6 cups of it to the melted butter in step one.
  3. While cooking, make sure that you always stir the marshmallows until they are melted. Once it is completely melted, turn off the heat. Optionally, if you want it to be colored, you can add some food coloring.
  4. The important part, add 6 cups of rice krispie cereal to your marshmallow mixture. Stir it and fold it into the marshmallow mixture until the cereal is covered completely.
  5. Place it into a shallow pan sized 9×11” and press it into the pan. Do not grease the mixture with anything else, because you have butter inside it already.
  6. Let it be cool for several minutes and then you can finally cut them into squares.
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That is all the rice krispie treat recipe that is so simple and you can enjoy it as a healthy snack for your daily. What are you waiting for? Try it now. Happy cooking!

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